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– Crafted of solid maple.

– Handled stainless-steel tray lifts off for seamless transport from oven to carving board.

– Indents allow drippings to drain away, keeping skin of roast crisp.

– Finished in natural beeswax and mineral oil.

– 22 1/2″ x 14″ x 1 3/4″ high. 10 lb. 3 oz.


  1. Mikey72

    Incredible Value

    It was so inexpensive I just thought “Well, for that price, let’s give it a try.” I was really surprised at the usefulness and solid feel of the board. And I’ve been running it through the dishwasher with no issues.

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  2. S. Bonatz

    Works great . . .

    This is a well made cutting board, and is great for carving roasts on.Cleans easily with a dish brush.The size of the cutting board on the info is wrong.It says 15 x 12, but the one I got was 17 x 13.However, no grumbles – they are the tool for the job!

  3. Deborah Price

    Very nice cutting board

    Actually haven’t used the board much yet, but appears to be well made, heavy weight and a great price.

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  4. E. M. Young

    nicely designed and made board

    This is a good cutting board for medium-sized jobs. The patterning in the middle keeps the meat from slipping and the channels keep the juices off the table. I’d never used a bamboo board before and wasn’t sure how impermeable or easy to clean it would be. I was impressed on both counts. It also weighs less than a comparable teak or maple board. Nice board.

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