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– Crafted of easy-to-clean brushed stainless steel.

– Measures temperatures from 140°F to 610°F (60°C to 320°C).

– Large numerals facilitate quick temperature reading.

– Warming, baking and roasting zones indicated on dial.

– 2 3/4″ sq.


  1. okayohyeah

    Exactly what we needed!

    Bought this and it’s useful. It’s small, easy to read and hangs easily. Love the price, too!Just what we needed after buying a new oven and having trouble with roasting everything. After the service man came and gave our oven a clean bill of health, he suggested buying an oven thermometer to know the true temperature inside the oven. He explained that although the oven says it has reached the correct temperature, the temperature is just for the internal thermostat and not for the whole oven. He suggested to wait up to 30 minutes for the rest of the oven to reach the desired temperature. 

  2. Ingrid

    Accurate and small

    This thermometer is very accurate and was a great help in calibrating my new oven. Several reviewers mentioned that it is hard to read because the top numbers are overshadowed by the rim. However, I found that the “stand” of the thermometer can be clipped to the front of an oven rack and then the thermometer face can be tilted back so that it can be viewed straight on. Works great. I also really like its size; it’s small enough to avoid knocking it off when moving things in and out of the oven.

  3. flamingo1325

    So easy to use and takes up minimal space

    I have an old oven in the apartment I recently moved into, and I started to worry it wasn’t geting to the right temp. I bought this, and it’s the perfect solution. My oven was a little bit off, but this thermometer lets me get it to the right temp easily. I like that I can either have it sit on a rack, or hang from a rack, depending on what I need. It’s easy to read, and doesn’t take up much space either. Even sitting on the same rack a pan is, I can easily get the pan in and out.

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