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– Rotating adjustable disk allows you to switch from fine to medium to coarse settings by turning a dial.

– Soft comfortable nonslip silicone handle.

– The ricer, including rotating disk, comes apart for easy cleaning.

– Fine setting is great for making fluffy mashed potatoes, baby food and cooked vegetable and fruit purees.

– 11 3/4 “ long.


  1. Linda leavy

    Time efficiency.

    I use this to dice potatoes for potato salad. 

  2. Cheequa

    Top Quality Product

    Product is as described. Quality, heavy duty ricer.

  3. Cee Brown


    I love ricing potatoes for mash. Smooth, fluffy result mixes well with butter and milk for creamy yet light mashed potatoes. The removable dial is a little stiff to remove and then replace after cleaning, but the size of the bucket and pusher make it a dream to use. I would recommend this ricer highly, especially to those who hate sticky, gluey mashed potatoes. 

  4. Gale McKamy

    Great product!

    Use often! Love it!!! Highly recommend! 

  5. Gary

    You’re missing out!

    Never thought I’d use one of these until i found it on sale….This thing is awesome. Never had such good mashed (insert vegetable here)! Whether you like really smooth and creamy or lumpy, you can dial it in and get that consistency every time.faster clean up than most mixing bowls or mixers with a better product! Highly recommended.

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