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– Set includes 8″ chef’s knife, 5″ serrated utility knife and 4″ paring knife.

– Titanium bonded coating prevents corrosion and will not peel or chip, reduces friction for smooth, effortless cuts, and keeps knives sharper up to two times longer.

– Blades are heat treated to 2,000˚F and cryogenically hardened at -185˚F for remarkable durability.

– Cryogenic hardening removes residual stresses from the blade and improves wear resistance to keep edges sharper longer.

– Made with recycled stainless steel that delivers power and precision with no compromise in performance.

– 8″ Chef’s Knife: 8″ blade, 5 1/4″ handle; 6.21 oz. 5″ Serrated Utility Knife: 5″ blade, 4 3/4″ handle; 2.54 oz. 4″ Paring Knife: 4″ blade, 4 3/4″ handle; 2.37 oz.


  1. Katrina Rex

    Excellent weight, very sharp, durable edge.

    These knives look and feel quality. They are super sharp, and after a month of use still feel brand new. I actually caught a friend chopping up onions and tapping the sharp edge of the blade onto the edge of a pan. After inspecting the blade, not even a nick in the blade. Very surprised.

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  2. April Eutis

    They are well made and balance very nicely. Highly recommend

    I’ve had these knives for a little under a year and they have held up very well. They are well made and balance very nicely. Highly recommend.

  3. Ms. ERL

    right size for any kitchen

    Be careful, these are really sharp!

  4. Rusty L. James

    Watch your fingers!

    Excellent knives. Gives you fresh respect for a fine edge. My sister in law cut herself trying to test the edge, and now gives them a wide berth – so THAT worked out as well.Perfect for a kitchen tinkerer, or a professional they are well worth the money spent: and if you just like knives, these are beauties.

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