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– Grinding mechanism is at the top of the mill.

– Any excess grounds fall back inside the unit after use.

– The innovative design also does away with a long central spindle for the grinding mechanism.

– Increase its capacity and makes it much easier to fill.

– 3.5″ x 6.4″ x 6.9″.


  1. Linz2239

    Great value, looks great too.

    Like most reviewers, I like these grinders a lot. Use them daily.1. I found it’s best if you hold them completely vertical when grinding. If held at an angle some pepper or salt stays in the grinding area (and then comes out the next time you use it — depositing more than you wanted).2. The grinding area of the salt grinder needs more frequent cleaning, say once a month, as salt tends to stick on the inside walls.3. When my hands are wet there’s not enough friction on the top metal piece to grind. While it might detract from the look some sort of grip bars would help. 

  2. Ana Bueno

    Great grinder!

    Works great with salts and peppers (off course), I love the easy curve in the middle of the glass to easy ‘catching’, the grinder works great and different sizes of grinding available! I absolutely loved it! I wonder if it works with other spices, such as coriander or pink pepper… I don’t see why not… will try soon.Strongly recommend this griders!Oh, and the company that sells are super professionals! My first order one of the grinders came bronken, they send another one to replace it when I request a return without any problems. I did send the broken one back.Go for it!

  3. Jason McDonald

    Best grinders we have ever had in 29.75 years!

    Love, love, love these grinders. Hubs & I have argued about spice grinders for the last 29.75 years.We both adore these… now to argue about… UMM ???! Maybe lightbulbs or something?? 🤣 

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